Rock 'n' Roll T-shirt

How to contribute:

If you want to contribute your T-shirts to the site, you can send me pictures of your T-shirts and I will include them, but only if I like 'em and I'll find the time (no guarantees, sorry!)

Put the shirts flat on the floor, preferable with a good contrast (no black shirts on a black floor) and make a digital picture of the whole shirt and one of the print.

Don't bother to improve the pictures, I'm the photoshop guy!

If you can remember the date and place you bought it, please include the info, too.

Send the pics over per e-mail, or, if you have more than 15 MB to send, contact me via e-mail.

No money involved! This is a non-profit fan project!

Our contributors:

   1. Mike V.  (229 T-shirts)

   2. Harry L.  (64 T-shirts)

   3. Dave M.  (27 T-shirts)

   4. Ralf R.  (15 T-shirts)

   5. Craig S.  (13 T-shirts)

   6. Axel H.  (11 T-shirts)

   7. Katrin V.  (9 T-shirts)

   8. Willy W.  (9 T-shirts)

   9. Sandra K.  (7 T-shirts)

 10. John N.  (7 T-shirts)

 11. Dom G.  (5 T-shirts)

 12. Laurenz B.  (3 T-shirts)

 13. Rolf S.  (2 T-shirts)

 14. Hamish M.  (2 T-shirts)

 15. Martin L.  (2 T-shirts)

 16. Markus R.  (1 T-shirt)

 17. Nick B.  (1 T-shirt)

 18. Dave J.  (1 T-shirt)

 19. Rolf P.  (1 T-shirt)

 20. Robin J.  (1 T-shirt)


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